Friday, August 15, 2008


Damri Terminal is located near Angkasa; 0.1 kilometre away from Garuda; 0.1 kilometre away from Garuda; 0.1 kilometre away from Keamyoran Gempol; 0.2 kilometre away from Keamyoran Gempol; Damri Terminal is geographically located at latitude (-6.1599 degrees) 6° 9' 35" South of the Equator and longitude (106.8481 degrees) 106° 50' 53" East of the Prime Meridian on the Map of Jakarta.

The locations related to Damri Terminal are represented by the shortest distances between two points on Earth and may not be nearest by road. For example, Damri Terminal is located 0.1 kilometre from Kristen Kanaan. Damri Terminal is located 0.2 kilometre from Sekolah. Damri Terminal is located 0.3 kilometre from Gunung Sahari Selatan Lurah. Damri Terminal is located 0.4 kilometre from Masjid. Damri Terminal is located 0.4 kilometre from Hospital.

Kalibaru Pasar 0.9km, Golden Truly 1.1km, Gunung Sahari Indah 1.2km, Pasar Poncol 1.6km, Marco Plaza 1.7km, Metro Plaza 1.7km, King Plaza 1.7km, Metro Pasar Baru 1.7km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Damri Terminal.

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional 2.4km, Museum Sumpah Pemuda 3km, Museum Joang 45 3.2km, Nasional Museum 3.5km, Museum Taman Prasasti 3.5km, Museum Moh. Husni Thamrin 3.7km, Museum Jakarta (Fatahilah) 4.7km, Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik 4.7km, are places of interest (attraction) located near Damri Terminal.

are eating places (food court, cafe, hawker food) located near Damri Terminal.

Kristen Kanaan 0.1km, Sekolah 0.2km, Sekolah 0.7km, Sekolah 0.8km, Sekolah 0.8km, Sekolah 0.9km, Sekolah 1km, Sekolah 1.1km, are places of learning (school, college, university) located near Damri Terminal.

Cemetery 9.9km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Damri Terminal.


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